The Hoard Provides

I'm a pack rat. When something breaks, I strip off the useless plastic casings, put all the hardware in a bin, all the circuit boards in my overflowing e-waste pile, and all the mechanical bits in bins to be (ab)used later.

This is a running list of all the things the hoard has provided to prevent countless trips and orders from Home Depot, Fastenal, McMaster Carr, Digikey, Amazon, eBay, and a thousand other niche retailers.

One 0Ohm resistor, donated from an old router to a Supermicro X9SCM-F

One 7.5uF 370V capacitor, donated from Icemaker #1 to Icemaker #2.

More scrap lumber than a Norwegian bonfire.


One 47oOhm resistor. Gifted from a late 70s garage door opener circuit to a Lenovo T440p USB-C power jack mod.

An entire top plate and spare trackpad cable, to replace that which was broken when reassembling after the USB-C mod.


One dryer heating element for failing Samsung DV48 Electric Dryer


25' of polyethylene tubing to drain the upstairs HVAC drain pan


1.5 Feet of 3/8 fuel line to fix the often broken lawnmower


1' of 13mm fuel hose to repair rear hydraulic lift cooler lines on 1976 Ford 3600 Tractor

4x Random but identical T15 plastic screws to fit guard onto second hand cordless electric weedwhacker. Screws recovered from disassembled Ryobi battery packs.


12' of 12GA 3 conductor cable to replace broken cable on Miter Saw


One CR2025 Battery to repair a copy of Pokemon Silver


One 5A fuse and fuse holder to replace blown fuse in air handler.


One spare 24V power supply, DC aquarium pump, and plastic hose clamps, to replace a blown out aquarium pump in the quarantine tank.


One spare USB-A to USB-C at my parents' house as an alternate server-network switch console cable